Helping children make informed choices that will help them to live healthier and safer lives

Life Bus

Meet Harold and friends

We offer a comprehensive range of life education programmes from “Early Years Foundation Stage” right through to “Year 6.”

What we offer


About Us

Life Education Central England (LECE)
is a small non-profit organisation (Company No.10777381). The Coram Life Education Life Bus, Life Base, Life Box and SCARF are part of the education services we offer to schools – giving a whole-school approach to improving children’s wellbeing and progress, based on the core values of safety, caring, achievement, resilience and friendship. LECE is a recognised Delivery Partner of the children’s charity Coram Life Education.

Our Vision

LECE wants to help to improve and support the mental health and physical & emotional wellbeing of each child or young person that participates in our health and wellbeing programmes. LECE provides early intervention through high quality health, drug and alcohol, online safety and Relationships education programmes, which help to keep children/young people informed, educated and safe.

Our Mission

We believe all children and young people deserve to experience good quality health education which allows them to make the informed choices that will help them to live healthier and safer lives.

Achieving Our Mission

This is achieved by working directly with the children, mainly from our unique, interactive mobile classrooms. Our programmes are delivered by skilled educators who build excellent bonds with the youngsters and promote the importance of healthy living, raise awareness around the effects & risks of misusing drugs and alcohol and teach important life skills to help build resilient youngsters who are able to make their own informed decisions.

Our work is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Ensuring everything we do is based upon secure and up-to-date health information and educational philosophy
  • Developing appropriate professional partnerships with schools and other agencies, to the benefit of children, young pople, their families and community
  • Enabling all employees to make a positive contribution towards the success and acheivements of our charity.

schools every year

Children participate annually

The Impact of our work

  • We support over 150 schools every year throughout the West Midlands.
  • Annually 35,000 children participate in our drug and health education programmes.
  • 70% children and families that LECE work with live in deprived areas where social issues of poverty, drug misuse and crime are prevalent.   
  • We support parents and families through our parenting skills and information workshops and family learning health sessions.
  • LECE are a delivery partner of Coram Life Education who are the leading provider of health, wellbeing and drug education to almost half a million children across the UK


  • Learnt something new 89%
  • Will change things they do 48%
  • Recognised how emotions & needs change 83%
  • Understood how others influence choices 74%
  • Reported they had learned to be more assertive 76%
  • Teachers rated the impact on children’s learning as good,very good or excellent 99%
  • Parents reported they would change/do something regarding healthy choices for themselves and their families 73%

Children aged 10 / 11 complete post-evaluations and:

    • 89% had learnt something new during the visit
    • 48% stated they will change things they do as a result of the visit
    • 83% recognised how emotions and needs change in different situations
    • 74% understood how others influence the choices they make about smoking, alcohol and other drugs
    • 76% reported they had learned to be more assertive
    • 99% of teachers rated the impact on children’s learning as good, very good or excellent.
      ‘Everything was fantastic, really informative. Excellent experience for the children – well worth it and helps meet children personal needs as well as educational.’ Everything was fantastic, really informative.’ (Teachers)


Children/young people gain a better understanding of the dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, reducing the risks of experimentation.


They gave you a good life lesson you will remember. Tell them the risks on taking drugs. They make sure you are healthy and do not take drugs. Learnt the important things in drugs and health. It was an inspiring experience which helps you understand drugs. (Year 5 & 6 children)


Children grow in confidence and self-esteem as they learn how to make informed choices and to resist negative peer pressure.


’ A very useful, honest description of how young people should be making decisions – they have learned that the choices are theirs to make but they are informed choices.’ (teachers)’ Be more aware of my surroundings and know what to do if I am tempted to do something I don’t want to do. Try to make right choices. Yes, because it talks about making hard decisions and about the consequences you have.(Year 6 children)


Improvements in quality of life as families learn about the benefits of looking after their bodies, including healthy eating and exercise.


  • 73% of parents reported they would change/do something regarding healthy choices for themselves and their families.


The consideration to mental health was an important fact I had not necessarily considered in regards to a healthy lifestyle.’ ’Look carefully at portion sizes and information on products such as drinks.’ ‘Will look at labels with my child rather than for him.’(parents/carers)

Meet Harold

Harold is a special giraffe, who lives in the life bus. He is very friendly and makes friends with all of the children at the schools he visits. He is a shy character and if he has a problem with his friends or his feelings, then the children are encouraged to give him advice to help him to sort things out. The children generally have a fantastic time with Harold and together they learn about keeping safe and healthy.


Harold is very popular with all children, even the older ones who have seen him every year, ask to see him again to say ‘hello’

If you would like Harold and the team to come to your school
or organisation please contact us